Sirloin Steak

A select, particularly tender cut of meat.

  • tip: Each slice has a fine trimming of fat making it perfect for grill or pan frying. 

    Ideal for cooking in non-stick frying pan or cast iron grill.
    Roasting: preheat the pan, and place the meat. Shield both sides and then let it simmer lowering the temperature.

    How do you prefer your steak?
    Insert thermometer through side of cut and tip in the center
    •      Rare: 60oC 
    •      Medium: 71oC 
    •      Well done: 77oC 
    Cooking times and temperatures may vary with method, size and shape of the steak

    package: 1Kg
     2-4 steaks (bone-in)
    4 people
Price/Package: 23.20 €


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