• Goat shoulder < Easter

    Goat shoulder

    Meat from shoulder with bone.

    Price/Package: 34.00 €
    Not available
  • Goat Leg < Easter

    Goat Leg

    Meat from the leg with bone.

    Price/Package: 34.00 €
    Not available
  • Goat chops < Easter

    Goat chops

    Goat chops.

    Price/Package: 17.00 €
    Not available
  • Lamp foreshank < Easter

    Lamp foreshank

    Meat from shoulder with bone.

    Price/Package: 32.00 €
    Not available
  • Lamb leg < Easter

    Lamb leg

    Meat from leg with bone.

    Price/Package: 32.00 €
    Not available
  • Lamb chops < Easter

    Lamb chops

    Oven baked or stewed  this tender tasty meat needs only a little lemon, oregano and garlic to bring out it’s true flavour.

    Price/Package: 16.00 €
    Not available
  • Kokoretsi < Easter


    Greek traditional handmade kokoretsi

    Price/Package: 27.90 €
  • Greek Meatpie with artichoke and cheese < Easter

    Greek Meatpie with artichoke and cheese

    Greek traditional meatpie with minced meat from beef,pork and lamb, with cheese, artichoke, fennel, herbs, salt and pepper.

    *deep-frozen product

    Price/Package: 14.40 €
  • Pork Sausages  < Easter

    Pork Sausages

    Handmade sausages made with pork mince, thyme, garlic and mpoukovo pepper.

    Price/Package: 7.20 €
  • Spare Ribs < Easter

    Spare Ribs

    Small cuts of pork with bone, next to the chest. They are ideal for BBQ or for baking. They are served perfectly with BBQ sauce.

    Price/Package: 9.40 €
  • Pancetta < Easter


    A thick rather fatty piece of pork ideal for the BBQ where most of the fat melts away. It’s name is derived from the Italian word for “tummy”.

    Price/Package: 9.40 €
  • Pork Rack < Easter

    Pork Rack

    This chop is from the area around the neck, it is tender and perfect for grilling, frying, baking and stewing.

    Price/Package: 12.90 €
  • Pork Chops < Easter

    Pork Chops

    These chops have a nice solid bone and are trimmed with a fine ridge of fat making them ideal for the BBQ.

    Price/Package: 15.00 €
  • Pork Souvlaki < Easter

    Pork Souvlaki

    Small pieces of choice pork pieces, juicy & ready for the BBQ.

    Price/Package: 16.60 €
  • Pork skew (kontosouvli) < Easter

    Pork skew (kontosouvli)

    Filleted pork in pieces with peppers cherry tomatoes and onios.

    Price/Package: 16.00 €
  • Chicken skewer < Easter

    Chicken skewer

    Chicken skewer with pieces from legs,  breast and vegetables (colored peppers, onions and tomatoes).

    Price/Package: 25.00 €
  • Sirloin Steak < Easter

    Sirloin Steak

    A select, particularly tender cut of meat.

    Price/Package: 22.80 €
    Limited availability
  • Kebab < Easter


    Traditional recipe with handmade mixture of organic minced meat from lamb, beef and pork with cooked onion, garlic, cumin powder, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper.

    Price/Package: 16.65 €
    Not available
  • Beef Patty < Easter

    Beef Patty

    A mixture of  beef mince with parsley, spring onions and olive oil.

    Price/Package: 15.90 €
  • Burger < Easter


    Handmade soft and fluffy burgers, made of a mixture of beef and pork mince with parsley, spring onions and olive oil.

    Price/Package: 16.20 €
  • Minced Chicken Patties < Easter

    Minced Chicken Patties

    A mixture of chicken mince, wholemeal bread, parsley, spring onions and extra virgin olive oil.

    Price/Package: 22.50 €