100% Ελληνικό και βιολογικό. Τρέφεται με ποικιλία σανών και μείγμα καρπών. Το μείγμα αποτελείται από καλαμπόκι, σιτάρι, κριθάρι σίκαλη και ψυχανθή. Οι τροφές είναι 100% βιολογικές. 
  • Lamb chops < Lamb/Goat

    Lamb chops

    Oven baked or stewed  this tender tasty meat needs only a little lemon, oregano and garlic to bring out it’s true flavour.

    Price/Package: 14.00 €
  • Lamp foreshank < Lamb/Goat

    Lamp foreshank

    Meat from shoulder with bone.

    Price/Package: 28.00 €
  • Goat shoulder < Lamb/Goat

    Goat shoulder

    Meat from shoulder with bone.

    Price/Package: 30.00 €
  • Goat chops < Lamb/Goat

    Goat chops

    Goat chops.

    Price/Package: 15.00 €
  • Kokoretsi < Lamb/Goat


    Ready to be cooked in the oven.

    Price/Package: 30.00 €
    Not available
  • Goat with lemon sauce < Lamb/Goat

    Goat with lemon sauce

    Served with baby potatoes, thyme, oregano and rosemary. Ready to be cooked.

    Price/Package: 52.50 €
    Not available
  • Goat roll < Lamb/Goat

    Goat roll

    Goat/lamb roll stuffed with artichokes fennel and feta cheese.

    Price/Package: 39.60 €
    Not available