Sirloin Steak

A select, particularly tender cut of meat.

  • tip: Each slice has a fine trimming of fat making it perfect for grill or pan frying. It can be prepared as a roll and oven baked.

    Ideal for cooking in non-stick frying pan or cast iron grill.
    Baking: preheat the pan well, and place the meat. The shield and the 2 sides and then let it simmer lowering the temperature, depending on the desired mode of cooking.

    How do you want your steak:

         Rare: 2 minutes Cooking from each side
         Medium: 4 minutes Cooking from each side
         Well done: 5-6 minutes cooking each side

    Baking time depends on the thickness of the steak

    4 steaks (approximately)
    4 people
Price/Package: 22.00 €

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